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Ferry Boat of Skyros

There is a ferry boat service to and from the island of Skyros. The ferry boat leaves from the port of Kimi on the nearby island of Evia ( Euboea ) and arrives at the port of Linaria on the south west coast of Skyros.

Skyros Ferry BoatThe ferry boat is operated by the “Skyros Shipping Company”, and the ferry boat runs on a daily basis. During the summer months, there are several scheduled trips that the boat makes. The ferry boat “Achilleas”, which operates to and from Skyros, was constructed in Japan in 1987, and was completely renovated in 2004.

The boat is much larger than the previous ferry boats that made the trip. With an increased capacity for passengers and vehicles, the “Achilleas” is more than able to meet the demand for travel to and from Skyros.

The ferry boat is a very modern and comfortable one. There is a snack bar where you can purchase a range of drinks and light snacks. There is also a cafe bar operating on the lower outer deck of the boat.

Departing from the port of Kimi on the east coast of Evia, the journey across to Skyros takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Kimi is a very easy port to reach. Those who are travelling by car can reach the port easily upon arriving in Evia. There are also scheduled buses ( KTEL ) that operates to Kimi from a variety of cities and towns over Greece, including the capital city of Athens.

Skyros Ferry Boat

For more information, including prices and timetables, please visit the site of the “Skyros ShippingCompany”, which can be found at www.sne.gr