Eating out in Skyros

During the summer months you will find a range of different places to enjoy something to eat or drink. Around the coastal towns you can find cafe bard where you can enjoy a refreshing drink next to the sea. You should also find some restaurants or local tavernas in the coast towns where you enjoy a tasty meal.

In the capital town of Chora you will find a good choice of restaurants, as well as a few places where you can grab something to eat on the go such as a pizza or souvlaki. These places will be open throughout the year, so if you are in Skyros outside of the summer months, then the best place to head to for a bite to eat or something to drink would be Chora. Alternatively, you can head over to the port of Linaria, where you can find a few local restaurants and cafes operating.

Seafood is a popular option for dining in Skyros, and you will find a number of places that offer fresh fish and seafood. The island is also famous for lobster, and one of the most popular dishes is lobster with spaghetti. During the summer period, you should head out to some of the tavernas in destinations such as Atsitsa or Pefkos to enjoy a fresh seafood meal.

Local Cuisine

There are a number of local specialities that you should try and sample if you have the chance. Trahanopites are pies made with yogurt or dried milk and are very tasty. You should also try the Ladopita, a bread baked with Skyrian olive oil, which is often served in tavernas and topped with Skyriani Ksinotiri, a local sour cheese. There are other cheeses that you should try such as the local kasseri and mizithra, as well as feta.

When dining out, you will usually be offered a local “spoon sweet”, which are delicious fruit preserves. Some other popular desserts include rice pudding or pancakes topped with local honey. The thyme honey that you can buy in Skyros is considered by many to be some of the best in all of Greece. As well as being a lovely treat, it can also make a great gift for a friend of loved one back home.