Visiting the Villages in Skyros

Skyros is an island filled with immense charm and natural beauty. It is a jewel in the Aegean and is a perfect holiday destination all year around. There are lots of villages and coastal towns in Skyros, each with their own beauty and magic.

From the capital town of Chora overlooking the east coast of the island, to the port of Linaria, Skyros is a beautiful place and one that really needs to be explored to be fully appreciated.

The Villages of Skyros

The villages of Skyros are located on the northern half of the island. The port of Linaria is situated on the western side of the island, while the airport of Skyros is located in the north.

Whichever part of Skyros you plan to stay in, it is well worth venturing out and visiting the other towns and villages. A visit to the capital town of Chora is a must for all visitors to the island, as from there you can enjoy some spectacular views stretching out over he eastern coast where the popular beach resorts of Magazia and Molos are located.

Achenoures Skyros
A lovely coastal resort on the west coast of Skyros with a great sandy beach.

Aspous Skyros
A charming coastal hamlet which is on route to the main town of Chora.

Atsitsa Skyros
An extremely beautiful hamlet on the north-west side of the island.

Chora Skyros
The capital town of Skyros and a place that everyone should visit.

Gyrismata Skyros
This beautiful coastal area in the north of Skyros has a huge sandy beach.

Kalamitsa Skyros
A beautiful open bay and the perfect holiday destination to unwind and relax.

Linaria Skyros
The port town of Skyros and a popular place to enjoy a meal or drink.

Magazia Skyros
The most popular coastal resort in Skyros with its magnificent sandy beach.

Molos Skyros
A continuation of the resort Magazia and the beautiful golden sand beach.

Pefkos Skyros
A unique hamlet on the west coast where you can enjoy some stunning scenery.