The coastal hamlet of Atsitsa is one of the most beautiful parts of Skyros, and one where nature thrives. Atsitsa is situated 18,5 km west from the town of Chora. It’s name actually comes from the small island that is located very close to the coast of Atsitsa.

The coastal town of Atsitsa

The houses found in this unique hamlet blend perfectly with the natural environment of the area, creating a magnificent scenery.

The bay of Atsitsa used to operate as the harbour of the region, serving in particular, the iron mines. On the coast visitors can still see the stone built facilities of these mines. It is here in Atsita that the Alternative Tourism Centre of Skyros is located.

Holidays in Skyros

The whole hamlet is one of immense beauty, where the green colours of the trees and vegetation stretch down right to the blues of the sea. It really is one of the most picturesque parts of the island, and one that provides a true feeling of peace and tranquility.

The small cove with a few scattered houses around it, and the sailing boats floating in the waters set a perfect scene, and one that visitors will always remember and cherish.

Travelling in Atsitsa

In the area of Markesi, located 8 km north, on the slope of a hill is the chapel of Theotokos (Mary mother of Jesus), which was built on the same place of a Paleo Christian temple and a building from the Classical years.

This was later identified as being Poseidons temple. Also discovered here were carved graves dating from the ancient years.

Atsitsa in Skyros

Visitors here can visit the Chapel of Kira Panagia and the chapel of Agios Petros that is situated on a hill covered with pine trees, near to the bay.

The bay of Agios Petros, with the sandy beach that is covered by cheddar trees, is one of the most popular in this region of Skyros. For swimming you can also head to the hamlets beach, at Petritsa, Kira Panagia, Agios Petros and Theotokos.

Map of Atsitsa

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