Kalamitsa is a very beautiful coastal hamlet, 9km from the main town of Chora, and stretches along a plain on the picturesque open bay. Kalamitsa beach is beautiful and very long. It is perfect those seeking a relaxing place to enjoy their holidays and travel on Skyros.

The town of Kalamitsa

The beach here at Kalamitsa is also extremely popular for those who enjoy watersports, and it is a paradise for wind surfers. Visitors to Kalamitsa can pay a visit to the Pigi Loutro ( Bath Steam ), with it’s marble tap and fresh water. Also worth seeing is the quaint chapel of Agios Mamas, which was built on the ruins of a tample of Pana.

If you are in Kalamitsa on the 2nd September, you can attend the large religious festival that takes please each year, honouring the saint. At the festival you can sample some traditional music and dance, as well as food and drink.

Dominated by the rough and beautiful scenery, close to the Ari plateau, is the grave of Robert Brooke, the famed British poet. Also close here is the Bifi Pigi ( The Bride Stream ), which is found in the area of Voukolina.

Holidays in Kalamitsa

There are several very interesting places to visit in and around Kalamitsa. The bay of Tristomo, which is located close by, was used by allied forces during the first world war. The region here in Skyros is perfect for exploring, and as well as the various interesting places, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery and landscapes, where the mountains and the sea blend together perfectly.

For swimming, visitors can head to the beaches found at Kolimpanda and Reanes. Kalamitsa is a lovely area to visit in Skyros, and will reward visitors with a memory of peace, beauty and magic.

If it's a relaxing and peaceful destination in Skyros you are searching for, then this is it, and you'll find a small choice of hotels in Kalamitsa and other accommodation.

Map of Kalamitsa

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