Discover the beaches of Skyros

When you visit the island of Skyros during the hot summer months, you will definitely be looking for a nice beach where you can enjoy a refreshing swim or relaxation. Skyros has some lovely beaches that are ideal for such summer months.


The beach of Magazia

The most famous and popular beach in Skyros is that of Magazia, which is located on the east coast just a short distance from the capital town of Chora. This long sandy beach is rarely crowded even during the peak summer months, and you will find sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach.


The beach of Molos

The beach of Magazia connects with that of Molos in the north, and continues towards to the area known as Pouria. In Magazia and Molos you will find a choice of cafe bars where you enjoy a drink or light snack on the beach.


The beach of Gyristmata

To the north-east of the island is Gyristmata, which is a small town but with a huge coastline that is very popular in the summer months. Here the blue waters of the Aegean meet the long sandy beach that is approximately 1km in length, and you will easily be able to find a section of the beach that can become your private beach. The beach here is not organised, so you will need to bring your own umbrellas and sun-beds with you.

Palamari - Theotokos - Markesi

The beach of Palamari

Heading to the north of the island you will find the archaeological site of Palamari. In addition to the ancient site is a nice sandy beach that is usually pretty deserted, and makes a perfect location if you are looking for some privacy. A few other beaches in the northern part of Skyros include those of Theotokos and Markesi, both of which have nice shallow waters. These beaches can get a little noisy though as they are very close to the military airport and the sound of planes taking off can be quite loud at times.


The beach of Agios Petros

Towards the west side of the island of the town of Atsitsa, which is a lovely and very beautiful part of the island. There is a beach here where you can swim though it might be a little rocky for some. However, a little further north from the town you can find some very nice sandy beaches such as Krya Panagia and Kalogrias where you can lie back and relax or take a swim.

Agios Petros

The beach of Agios Petros

Another beach close to Atsitsa is that of Agios Petros, which is a lovely sandy beach surrounded by cedar trees and has a very peaceful and tranquil setting. This beach is a very popular destination in the summer and can sometimes get a little busy.


The beach of Kalamitsa

In the central western part of the island you will find another range of lovely beaches. These include the beach of Kalamitsa which is located south of the port of Linaria. Kalamitsa is a beach that is popular with windsurfers, so if this is your sport, then it is here that you want to head to.


The beach of Acherounes

There is a small beach in Linaria where you can swim, and a little north of the port is the beach of Acherounes which is a long sandy beach that is well protected in the bay and has shallow waters. If you are staying in Linaria during your holidays on the island, then this beach is a good choice for you.

Agios Fokas - Agios Pefkos - Glyfada

The beach of Agios Fokas

Another is that of Agios Pefkos where the pine trees reach all the way down to the beach and there is a nice sandy bay where you can swim and relax. Just north from here is Agios Fokas (above image), another lovely beach though access here is a little more difficult which is why not many people will visit this beach and instead remain in Agios Pefkos.

One other very beautiful beach that is popular with visitors to Skyros is that of Glyfada, which is located on the small nearby island of Sarakino. To get there you will need to take one of the boats that operate a service from the port of Linaria. These daily boat trips will also take you to see the impressive sea caves of Pentekali and Diatrypiti.

Whatever type of beach you are looking for, you should be able to find what you want when you are in Skyros. In the north of the island are more secluded and natural beaches with no facilities. The east coast is dominated by the beach of Magazia and Molos, while on the west coast you will have a number of delightful small beaches to choose from.