The wonderful coastal resort of Magazia is a favourite destination for visitors to the island of Skyros. The town is located very close to the town of Chora, and it’s dark sand beach make it a very popular area during the summer months.

The coastal town of Magazia

Magazia is actually considered by many to be the beach part of the town of Chora, which is located on the mountain overlooking the beach. The scenery of Magazia is much as it was years ago, with development taking place here, but on a smaller scale than some other parts of the island. This has helped Magazia preserve much of it’s traditional apperance and feel.

The name of the town is said to have come from the gunpowder magazines that were once stored here during the Venetian times.

Visitors to this part of the island will find a great selection of accommodation including apartments and rooms to let. During the summer seaon, Magazia can get quite busy, though not as crowded as some of the other more famous Greek holiday destinations.

The beach of Magazia

Visitos to the area of Perasmata in Magazia should try to pay a visit to the charming church of Agios Georgios. There are some other churches and places of interest in Magazia for visitors.

For those planning on staying here in Magazia, there are a nice selection of afe bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a meal or drink, as well as some other local shops where one can stock up on various necessities.

The neighbouring area of Molos seems almost connected to Magazia, as though they are one and the same towns. Molos begins where Magazia ends, and the two coastal towns compliment each other perfectly.

With a great selection of accommodation including studios, apartments and hotels in Magazia, you can easily find the perfect choice for your holidays.

Map of Magazia

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